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Testing & Certification

QSI Testing and Certification is working with a Los Angeles fashion designer and his team to test their fabric masks and patterns.  Our testing will provide them with the filtering efficiency figures for specific fabrics and mask designs.  The intent of these masks is not to meet surgical-grade standards, but to provide some level of protection to non-medical personnel, and in some cases (depending on test data) even first responders.



As teams from different industries come together and combine their unique skills to combat this pandemic, QSI wants to leverage our extensive testing experience to assist in this endeavor.  We all are looking forward to the day the virus is defeated.  QSI, in tandem with industry leading manufacturers,  hope that we can make a difference.

QSI Testing and Certification Services works

with Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical and Medical

Device organizations throughout New England. Our

experienced team of professionals and NSF accredited

technicians combine 31 years of experience in

supporting client companies. The Testing Team is part

of the QSI portfolio which includes the Consulting

Services Team which has provided commissioning,

validation/qualification, and quality services for

over 15 years.

Our Demonstrated Areas of Expertise:

        • Cleanroom and controlled environment testing and certification

        • Compliance to industry standards, client quality

           control requirements, and governmental regulation.

Services Include:

        • HEPA Filters, Cleanrooms, Biosafety Cabinets,

           Laminar Flow Hoods, Fume Hoods

        • Non-Viable Sampling

        • VHP Decontaminations

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Shaun McCormack, Manager